Teacup's Cuddle Me Calm


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'Teacup's Cuddle me Calm' is the perfect natural solution to reduce puppy dog (& puppy dog parent) anxiety & nervousness without medications!

For those pups that are a new addition to the family, having a difficult time adjusting to their new surroundings or for rescues or pups who recovering from surgery or abuse, Teacup's Snuggle Me Calm provides much needed comfort by cuddling up with your precious furbaby just like Momma would! 

We all know Mom makes everything better!  Teacup's Snuggle Me Calm lulls & calms your pup naturally by mimicking Momma or siblings and will become your pups brand new BFF!



Made of easy to wash polyester, it is soft and super cuddle worthy yet you can just toss it in the wash machine to get it nice and fresh and clean.  Wash in cold water with detergent for delicate fabrics.




Easy To Use

The pouch on the tummy has extra secure velcro to hold the pulsing heart along with a safe, disposable heat or cooling pack.  You can even add Lavender essential oils to a paper towel and wrap it around the warming pack that will lull your new puppy right into a peaceful tranquility. 




The Pulsing Heartbeat that feels so real, it is just like being next to Momma.


It has a pulsing heartbeat just like Momma does. The electronic heartbeat can be set to beat for 20 minutes but when your puppy stirs, it starts again just by being tapped so your puppy will have that comfort to lull them to sleep



Reusable Warmer


It also has a reusable warmer creating a sense of companionship as though your puppy is sleeping right next to their littermates.



Teacup's Cuddle Me Calm will help puppies and rescued pups (as well as Momma and Dad!) sleep through the night 


Helps calm puppies so they sleep through the night so you both get a good night's sleep.  Helps puppies transition to their new families and homes and helps rescues to feel more at home, in their new home.




There are 3 different series to choose from depending on what you want for your puppy.  We have the Heartbeat Series, the Warming Series and the Heartbeat & Warming Series.  Heartbeat accessory can be purchased separately.



 Your puppy will love their new BFF!


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