Spikes and Diamonds Wide Glamour Collar


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This stunning, 3/4" wide silver vegan leather collar is fit for fur baby royalty. The spikes are riveted by hand when you order and every single stone is placed by hand.
The crystals are HUGE and are imported from the Czech Republic, where the world's most beautiful crystal glass rhinestones are made. 

The Czech Preciosa crystal, imported from the Czech Republic (with the exception of rhinestones embedded in the buckles) are more rare and less porous than Swarovski crystals,  therefore less likely to discolor over time.  

Availabe Styles Are:

  • Pink Glitter vegan leather w/ Clear Diamond stones
  • Silver Glitter vegan leather w/ Clear & AB stones
  • Black Glitter vegan leather w/ Clear and Jet Black stones

Each collar is handmade, to custom order and is made specifically for your beloved cat or dog.

While we do use our exclusive coating process to secure the stones in their prongs and many pets can wear our collars for a long time without losing stones, each pet is different. Rough play will loosen stones. Please care for your pets new bling as you would your own jewelry.


Sizing is as follows: (based on snug neck measurement, NOT collar length!)

**Each collar is made according to neck circumference. The collar will fit nicely, 1/2" after the measurement you give me.
**Please do not put any fingers between the tape measure and your baby's neck when you measure because that will cause the collar I send you to be TOO LARGE.

  • Medium - fits a 9-1/2" through 11" actual snug neck circumference
  • ML - fits a 11-1/2" through 13" snug neck circumference
  • Large - fits a 13-1/2" through 15" snug neck circumference
  • XL - fits a 15-1/2" through 17" snug neck circumference
  • 1XL - fits a 17-1/2" through 19" snug neck circumference
  • 2XL - fits a 19-1/2" through 21" snug neck circumference
  • 3XL - fits a 21-1/2" through 23" snug neck circumference

**Please please make sure to measure your pet's snug neck measurement before placing your order!**

If your baby's size is not listed here, please do let us know!  We can make a custom collar to fit your beloved fur baby!

**Because these gorgeous collars are specifically made to fit your baby, they are NOT eligible for exchange or return.**