Winter Wonderland Doggie Sweater

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 Is your pampered pooch always cold?

Our Winter Wonderland Doggie Sweaters are perfect for getting rid of that winter chill in the air, not to mention, that they are adorable!


Made of soft poly cotton

Our poly cotton yarn will keep your pooch warm and comfortable without the itchiness of wool.


Easy to care for

These darling sweaters are so easy to care for!  Just pop them in the washing machine on delicate and lay flat to dry.  Do not use heat to dry.  They will wear well for many years to come!

Stretch yarn makes it easy to put on or take off.

 Our strecthy cotton poly blend makes it easy to put on and take off of your pooch (or cat).



Straps under the back legs keep it from pulling up.

These sweaters have a strap that goes underneath your pup's back legs to keep it in place and stop it from bunching up.


Our Winter Wonderland Doggie Sweaters are a doggie fashionista's must have wardrobe staple, especially if you live in cold climates!



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